Marc De Keyser

Is hydro-meteorologist with a passion for the polar regions. He began his career as an aviation-meteorologist and worked for over ten years in operational air force units. Since 18 years he works in the Oceanographic Meteorological Station of the Belgian coast to support marine operations on the North Sea.

Marc supported several operations and activities in the polar regions. He worked for the British Antarctic Survey for two summer seasons in Rothera on the Antarctic Peninsula. After working one summer for the Australian Antarctic Division in Davis on the coast of East Antarctica he joined the Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions and worked for twelve summer seasons in their base camp near Patriot Hills/Union Glacier.

His field of interest has extended to the North Pole region and Greenland as well. He worked for many teams kiting across or around Greenland and skiing to the North Pole. He makes daily weather forecasts for the Neem/EGRIP Ice Core drilling site in Northern Greenland, where the Ice and Climate division of the Danish University examines the ice cap.

Marc is active in education of youngsters, concerning climate and climate change. He believes that young people should be informed objectively about those important items. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders!


Fritz Buyl

Is hydro-meteorologist with a passion for sailing. Since 12 years he combines this passion with his profession in the Oceanographic Meteorological Station of the Belgian coast.

Fritz worked as the routeur of several famous yachtsmen, as there are Peter Laureyssen and Michel Kleinjans. His own experience with sailing long distance races puts him on the right spot to realise what people in the middle of an Ocean need.

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