Weather bulletin for EGRIP


EGRIP forecast – 02 May 2017

Position: 75.63/-36.00

Altitude: 2708mr/8900ft/725hPa

General synoptic situation

No spectacular changes to be detected on the weather maps today. The strong upper level ridge that extends from the European Atlantic up to Central and North Greenland dominates the upper pattern. On the other side of the continent, over the South and Southwest, a complex upper low maintains the cyclonic pattern over the Canadian Arctic, the Baffin Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. At the surface level this is projected as a high-pressure system over Greenland with a center of 1043hPa near N74/W35 and low center of 975 near N62/W40 and one of 1002 near N68/W59. This generates pretty stable conditions over the EGRIP location as the position high-pressure generates a S to SW’ly wind, advecting rather dry but gradually milder air. Packages of moisture from old Atlantic frontal systems are caught in the Southerly upper flow and move over EGRIP as patches of mid and high level clouds.

Looking at the situation 48 hours ahead we can see that the upper low from the Canadian Arctic tries to move closer to Greenland. This will push the high pressure a bit away from the continent and could result in gradually but slowly changing conditions.

Day 1: 02 May 2017

- Weather: again stable and fair conditions: sunny with patches of mid and high clouds – moderate breeze could trigger drifting snow.

- Visibility: good – no significant change

- Wind: at 6-9utc: 180-200/8-13kt gusting 20kt – no significant change

- Temperatures: day max: around -14C /night min: around -18C

- Warning good conditions prevail

Day 2: 03 May 2017

- Weather: again sunny spells with patches of mid and high level clouds – take in account that stronger winds could generate more significant drifting or even blowing snow in strongest gusts

- Visibility: good, except during gusts with blowing snow after 12/15utc

- Wind: at 6-9utc: 190-210/8-13kt gusting 20kt after 12/15utc increasing up to 15-20kt gusting 30kt – temporarily decreasing for a while after 21utc

- Temperatures: day max: around -4C /night min: around -9C

- Warning high temperatures! Strongest winds expected around 18-21utc

Day 3: 04 May 2017

- Weather: pretty much the same as previous day: sunny spells with patches of, sometimes rather thick, mid or high level clouds

- Visibility: good, blowing snow will reduce the visibility

- Wind: at 6-9utc: 200-220/10-15kt gusting 20-25kt tempo between 9 and 21utc increasing to 18-23kt gusting up to 35kt

- Temperatures: day max: around -6C /night min: around -8C

- Warning strong winds – strongest around 9utc-18utc

General outlook 5 May – 6 May

- Wind conditions:  predominantly varying between SSW and WSW moderately strong with an average speed of about 13-18kt

- The advected air mass does not change a lot; probably the mid level patches could be thicker and generate poor surface contrast with possibly a single snowflake

- Temperatures: max temperatures still in the single digits, the coldest in the morning around -10/-15C

East Greenland Ice-Core Project - EGRIP

We received a plane on a perfect day for flying - 01 May 2017


Skier 12 leaves EGRIP in a spectacular fashion using ATO (Assisted Take Off) solid fuel rockets. (c)JF Steffensen

Today, for once, we were not nervous about receiving a plane to EGRIP. The weather was perfect: Clear blue sky, -20°C and a moderate wind along the skiway. The operation went fine. We received 6.5 ton cargo and fuel. Hello to Iben, Maria, Camilla, Motohiro, Hans Christian, Steffen, Jens Christian and Bo. Good bye to Jesper from PM Energy who did a fantastic job on the main generator.

As we now are 19 people in camp, the weatherports came into use. Most people are now sleeping in weatherports and only 4 are sleeping in the main dome. We still do not have running water, so all were briefed on the importance of good hand hygiene using alcohol. With the inflow of so many people, the dynamics in camp has changed. A tonight people got together with a movie and popcorn. For the next 17 days, we are now on our own, as the next plane is scheduled to the 18th May.

What we did today:

  1. Main snow melter is activated. We should get running water tomorrow.
  2. Work on modifying new cooks snow melter and central heating in the main dome in on-line.
  3. Built food weatherport.
  4. Received Skier 12 (90) with 8 new members of camp crew.
  5. Sorting out arriving cargo.
  6. Installing electrical heat in weatherports.
  7. The big move: People moved from main dome to weatherports.

Weather today: Clear all day, with moderate wind. Temp. -19°C to -33°C. Wind: 12 kt to 17 kt from SW. Visibility: To horizon.

FL, J.P. Steffensen

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