Early morning in Union Glacier

Early morning in Union Glacier

Early Morning in Union Glacier, Antarctica - weather4expeditions.com(c)

When the katabatic winds stop blowing from the South, local wind systems start to develop. These local winds are very complex and hard to predict; however most of the time there is an easterly component.

This soft easterly breeze brings moisture from the Ronne ice Shelf into Union Glacier and generates mist, fog and low clouds. This can ruin a whole days flight plan!

In general during the second part of the month of December and also during the month of January the risk is largest. During this period a lot of open water is present over the Weddell Sea and due to evaporation moisture is pushed in a Northerly flow over the Ronne Ice Shelf. When this moist air flow touches the cold surface of the ice shelf, it cools till it reaches saturation. At this point condensation takes place, hence fog or stratus is formed.

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