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Thursday, August 20th, 2009



Our aim is to cross the Greenland Icecap. We, Cecilie Skog (leader), together with Silje Padøy, Linn Katrine Yttervik, Ryan Waters (USA) and Bjørn Sekkesæter, will start at Point 660 and end up at Isertoq on the east coast. Nearly 600 km in about 3 weeks.

Weather - log

There is nothing like a free lunch. Another storm through itself at them at the end of day 17.
TUESDAY was ok. The temp was up and the snow had a good glide even though they had both deep snow and some sastrugi. But the worst part was that the brewing storm gave them complete whiteout the whole day. Still, they did 32km, and the storm did not hit till after they had set camp.
WEDNESDAY has been another weather day. Lots of sleep, food and joy. But they are itching to get on with it and cross their fingers it will improve tomorrow.
There is (at least) 3 long days left with some 130km to go. But for that they need better conditions. Cross your fingers

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