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Polar Pumpkin - 19 April 2012

Thursday, April 19th, 2012


This latest sat image illustrates the route the Polar Pumkin has to fly to get to the Pole. It is about a seven hour flight from Eureka to the Pole, one way. You can see the position of Barneo camp as well. Click on the image to see the full display. (sat image from CWO).

Below you find the route forecast valid for today and the next few days. It is a discription of the atmospheric conditions from take off - enroute - landing. With this information Art decides if he flies or not.

Route forecast Polar Pumpkin - 19 April 2012 -
From Eureka to North Pole.

1. Eureka
05PM: partly cloudy, visibility 64km, wind calm, -26C, hum 52%
 today 19/4: -sunny with patches of medium and high level clouds, after 21/24 risk for patches of shallow fog
      -wind: calm
      -temperatures: -18/-22C 
 t’ow 20/4:  -mainly sunny
      -wind: calm becoming 140-160/2-5kt
      -temperatures: -23/-28C 
 21/04:      -similar as previous days: sunny - patchy high/medium clouds
      -wind: calm
      -temperatures: -25/-20C

-Upper winds
 19/4: 1000ft: N 0-5kt
       3000ft: NNW 5kt/calm
       5000ft  calm
       10000ft:WNW 10kt/calm
 20/4: 1000ft: calm/SE 5kt
       3000ft: calm/SE 5kt
       5000ft  SSE 5kt
 21/4: 1000ft: SSE 5kt/calm
       3000ft: SSE 5kt/calm
       5000ft  S 5kt/calm
       10000ft:W 5kt    

2. Enroute conditions
-Actual 7AM: light snow, wind WNW 3kt, humidity 75%, -20C, visibility: 1km
-Forecast for the in between point (1) at N86/W86
 today 19/4: -sunny with patches of medium and high clouds
      -wind: 060-080/2-6kt nsc
      -temperatures: -28/-22C

Polar Pumpkin - 15 April

Sunday, April 15th, 2012


15 April 2012 - Latest sat image from the Arctic, channel 3 image. The dark patches are low clouds with liquid droplets: ICING!!!

Route forecast Polar Pumpkin - 15 April 2012 -
From Eureka to North Pole.

1. Eureka
-Actual 3AM: sunny, visibility 24km, wind N 3kt, -29C, hum 51%
 today 15/4: -enlarging sunny spells.
      -wind: 320-340/5-10kt - no significant change
      -temperatures: -23/-28C 
 t’ow 16/4:  -sunny - no significant change
      -wind: 330-350/4-8kt
      -temperatures: -16/-22C 
 17/04:      -sunny - after 18/21utc increasing risk for low clouds/fog patches
      -wind: 330-350/3-8kt
      -temperatures: -16/-22C
-Upper winds
 15/4: 1000ft: NNW 15kt
       3000ft: N 15-20kt
       5000ft  NNE 15-20kt
       10000ft:NE 20-25kt
 16/4: 1000ft: NNW 10kt
       3000ft: N 15kt
       5000ft  N 15kt
       10000ft:NE 15-20kt
 17/4: 1000ft: NNW 15kt
       3000ft: NNW 15kt
       5000ft  NNW 10-15kt
       10000ft:NW 10kt       

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