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The Atlantic to Arctic Expedition 2009

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

A Quest for Greenland


British UAE-based adventurer Adrian Hayes and Canadian adventurers Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe will be attempting a unique traverse of the full length of Greenland, from the Atlantic Ocean on the south coast to the Arctic Ocean on the north coast between May and July 2009.

Using the power of the wind to kite ski and haul 150kg sleds for 2 months over a 3500km route that has never been done before, the Emirates NBD Greenland Quest will also likely be the longest unassisted Arctic Polar journey in history.

The expedition is not about breaking records, however, nor is it just an extreme physical challenge. Aside from being an adventure that all three of us want to do first and foremost, it is also to convey a message: That is we live on 1 planet and need to stop living, in countries such as the USA and UAE, as though we have the resources of 5-7!.

Global warming is just one repercussion of this way erroneous way of being, and the Greenland ice cap perhaps the most visible illustrator of this. We aim to raise awareness of the melting Greenland ice cap and its possible consequences on the World, and will be carrying out a series of scientific monitoring tasks on behalf of a support team of international scientists.

Climate change cannot be looked at in isolation to the whole issue of the environment, however. And the environment cannot be examined in isolation to the economy and society. They are all inextricably linked and hence our partnership with BioRegional and One Planet Living. Sustainability – living a sustainable, one planet way of life on Earth – is therefore our message.

3 men doing a vertical crossing of the Greenland ice cap can’t save the planet. But we will do our best to make sustainability and One Planet Living a household word during the process

Thanks for following our journey. And we hope that you will commit to making the world’s landscape a green and sustainable one!

April 2009

And finally…

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

0728teamdrinkwebFinish Day + 9
Locations: UK (Adrian), Copenhagen (Devon), Canada (Derek)

A week after finishing and we are now scattered around the World resting and recuperating, sleeping in proper beds and using real toilets again.

What are our final thoughts on the expedition for this site? Here are some words from all of us:

“This was the trip that wouldn’t give up. Right to the end we had to work making decisions, the right decision was our only option. Because the finish was not easy, it made the whole expedition that much more special. Finishing was a highlight, over-shadowed by being so tired. Now, after some time to rest and reflect, I realize I wouldn’t want it any easier (or harder), or any other way. Thanks to the team, both individual and support and big thanks to Greenland”.

“Like sailors on a frozen ocean, this journey we lived by the wind. In reflection this expedition was really two separate trips. One from the Atlantic to Arctic Oceans (Narsaq to JP Kocks Fjord); the other the 800 kms back down to Qaanaq. The first leg was luxurious in comparison, long down-winders, good snow, a kiter’s dream! The second headwinds, endless tacks, dangerous terrain, a kiter’s nightmare. But it is through those challenges that my greatest memories were forged. In the end I am proud of our accomplishment as a team and extremely grateful to our team of supporters, friends and families that made this expedition successful. Thank you all for following this adventure”

“I expected this trip to be different than other polar journeys, but never thought it would be quite so different, Though we had our fair share of hauling sleds, the overall easier physical challenge of moving by kites was countered by the large degree of large challenges involved in travelling such a vast distance by them. Challenges (and a distance) that required a great deal of thinking and strategizing to overcome. And though we occasionally got it wrong, it was the choosing and successfully executing of the right option on most days that was the one of the most rewarding aspects of this expedition. The second was the awesome scenery of the mountains and ice caps of northern Greenland. And the third was hopefully making a vast number of people far more aware of sustainability and One Planet Living. Far from ending with this expedition, this is only the start………..”

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