Jenny Island - Antarctica



Jenny Island, Marguerite Bay, near Rothera - Antarctic Peninsula -

Jenny Island is situated in Marguerite Bay, almost 20km South of Rothera, the BAS bas on the western side of the Antarctic Peninsula. This picture is taken from a BAS Twin Otter approaching the Rothera runway from the South (1997).

This pretty spectacular formation of Orographic Stratus is a result of a rather strong Northerly wind towards Jenny Island - in this flow a lot of moisture is evaporated from the sea into the adjacent air. As this air is pushed upwards along the Northern slopes of the island it cooles, saturates and forms orograhic Stratus. On the leeside the Stratus mixes with the drier air and the clouds dissipate again. In this situation the risk for severe turbulence at lower levels along the leeside of the mountains is at least 30 to 40 percent - this turbulence is also known as rotor waves.

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