What do we offer you?

weather4expeditions offers ‘Professional Services’

# weather support and routing for your kite  expedition on Greenland or any other location to obtain to most favorable route
# weather support and routing for your sail expedition or trip to obtain the safest and most favorable route
# daily tailormade weather forecasts with detailed information about wind, temperatures and specific weather phenomena
# severe weather or storm warnings in order to take precautions to stay safe
# flexibility and commitment: we consider our self as being that extra member of your team who does his best to make your trip successful and safe

weather4expeditions offers ‘Experience’

You can read about the kite-expeditions (ski/buggy), sail races/trips and other adventerous enterprises we have supported. Weather4Expeditions main fields of experience are:

# routing ski/buggy kite trips in Greenland, Antarctica, Arctica and deserts as the Gobi and Sahara
# routing sailing yachts during inshore and offshore races/trips - as well for professionals, adventurers as for holiday and family trips

weather4expeditions offers ‘Safety’

# Visibility, high winds and temperatures can be extremely dangerous elements to the safety of the expeditioner.
# Knowledge about the regional weather and climate can prevent serious physical injuries and accidents due to poor visibility or contrast.
# Forecasts and warnings sent to you by weather4Expeditions, contribute to the safety of the expedition member.

weather4expeditions offers ‘Personal contact’

# We are convinced about the importance of personal contact
# Forecasts are delivered as agreed but we are happy to answer your  questions and doubts.
# Weather4Expeditions is a small but flexible company that anticipates happily on your needs.
# The meteorologists are as closely involved with your expedition as a member of the team.

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