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logowit8logo-expenews and ExpeNews join forces!! and ExpeNews work together to provide an even better service to all expeditioners, climbers, sailors and all travelers.

ExpeNews is a communication platform that allows expeditioners climbers, trekkers, sailors, explorers and outdoor enthusiasts to maintain a simple yet interactive website with information showing their progress and location in real-time. And this from ANYWHERE in the world

- Keep friend and family up to date with your progress no matter where you are
- Set up your online tracking page in a second
- Easily send text, voice and coordinates updates
- No need of internet access, just a sat phone

The basic principle of ExpeNews is that it is a simple, fast and inexpensive way to publish information from the field on a dynamic, high-impact web page. Every time you send a dispatch, all of your contacts are notified via e-mail.

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If you decide to support your expedition with AND ExpeNews we will offer very attractive discounts. Contact us!

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