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South Georgia Forecast - 28 February 13

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Aviation Forecast - South Georgia
Stromness - 28 February 2013 - made 1115utc

1. Synoptic situation
A frontal system, associated to a depression that is situated East of the Antarctic Peninsula,
will cross South Georgia during the next 4-6 hours. This front is followed by an very unstable
air mass in an increasingly strong wind pattern. Tomorrow the unstable airmass is gradually
moving away to the East whilst a high pressure system builds over the Antarctic Peninsula.
This will introduce a gradual weather improvement.

2. Weather conditions
Very cloudy becoming overcast with rain/sleet until approximately 14-16utc.
Gradually a few breaks and a mix of dry spells and a few showery outbreaks.
After 00utc increasinly more intens and frequent showers.
Heaviest showers between 4 and 12utc.
After 12utc again bewoming better with a few sunny spells but still some showery outbreaks.

3. Clouds
6-8/8 Stratus and Stratocumulus base 500/1000ft tops 5/6000ft
becoming from 14-16utc 4-6/8 Stratocumulus and Cumulus base around 1000ft tops 2-3000ft
becoming from 04-06utc 7-8/8 Cumulus/Cb up to 16-18000ft
becoming from 12-14utc 4-6/8 Stratus and Stratocumulus, base around 1500-2000ft tops 3/4000ft

4. Wind
12utc till 00utc: 170-190 degrees true/10-15kt average
00utc till 12utc: veering to 270-290 true/increasing to 15-20kt average gust 30-35kt
12utc till 00utc: 230-250 true/increasing to 25-30kt average - gusts up to 40-45kt

5. Upperwinds - 1500ft
12utc till 00utc: 160-180 degrees true/10-15kt average
00utc till 12utc: veering to 270-290 true/increasing to 25-30kt average
12utc till 00utc: 240-260 true/increasing to 40-45kt average

6. Visibility
poor during rain/sleet becoming good behind the front, tempo moderate in showers.
during moderate to heavy showers visibility can become poor again.
In between the showery outbreaks good visibility.

7.Hazards in flight
-icing: in clouds moderate
-turbulence: light today but becoming moderate to severe in increasing wind/instability pattern

9. General evolution for the next days
weather: mix of sunny spells and patches of Stratus around the mountains-increasing cloudiness after 18/21utc
wind: WSW average 28-33kt

weather: overcast/rain-sleet becoming variable with a few sunny spells but also showery outbreaks
wind in general from Westerly directions, around 30kt average

weather: sunny spells and mainly dry - increasing cloudiness after 18utc
wind: from westerly directions around 25kt

South Georgia Rat Eradication Project

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 supports the South Georgia Rat Eradication Project with daily weather forecasts


As from 28 February will concentrate on the meteorological conditions of South Georgia, a sub Antarctic island South East of the Falkland Islands.
For the next few months a highly motivated team works on this wonderful island in order to extinguish the brown rats and restore the orignal habidat
weather4expeditions makes daily aviation forecasts for a team of three helicopters so the can operate safely.

Via you can find out more about this project.

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