Pontrandolfo/Martinuzzi - kiting from Narsaq to Qaanaaq -Forecast 28 May


weather4expeditions.com makes forecasts for Michele Pontrandolfo and Marco Martinuzzi, the Italian team kiting from Narsaq (South) to Qaanaaq (NW) of Greenland. This is a very challenging kite trip, that mainly depends on the katabatic winds blowing from the ice cap. weather4expeditions.com assists with the last leg of this trip, between Upernavik and Qaanaq.

Greenland from Narsaq to Qaanaaq - Michele Pontrandolfo/Marco Martinuzi
28 May 2012 - Forecast day 2

Latest position: 74.75/-47.8

Day 1 - 28 May 12
Estimated travel: 74.75/-47.8 to 75.7/-50.0
Wind: SW 12-16kt after 18/21utc decreasing to SW 8-12kt
Weather: sunny spells later very cloudy with some patchy snow. Becoming warm with temperatures just below freezing.

Day 2 - 29 May 12
Estimated travel: 75.7/-50.0 to 76.4/-52.0
Wind: SW 10-14kt after 9/12utc becoming SSE 6-10kt
Weather: enlarging sunny spells-good conditions. Daytime temperatures just below freezing.

Day 3 - 30 May 12
Estimated travel: 76.4/-52.0 to 77.0/-55.0
Wind: SE 12-16kt after 12/15utc becoming SE 10-14kt
Weather: sunny and relatively warm again.

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