Red Bull Ragnarok - 12 April 2012


Synoptic map, valid Friday 12utc. Shows the Low pressure area over Norway which is not expected to move a lot during the weekend. Click on the Image to see it in full size. Image from Bracknell.

12 April 2012 - Forecast Ragnarok - valid for 13-14-15/04/2012
It looks like the complex low pressure system over the North Sea remains quasi stationary for the three days to come. This means that the frontal systems with the associated snow zones, lingers over Norway for the weekend.
Summary: mainly very cloudy conditions with periods of snow and in between sunny spells. Wind remains on the weak side. More details see below.
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Wind forecast
Friday 13th of April
AM: 100-120° average 1-3ms, becoming 130-150° 1-3ms
PM: 130-150° average 1-3ms becoming 150-170°less than 2ms

Saturday 14th of April
AM: calm! becoming 300-320°1-3ms
PM: wind turns to 320-400°/1-3ms

Sunday 15th of April
AM: 340-360°2-4ms becoming 360-020°3-5ms
PM: 360-020°3-5ms

Friday 13th of April
sunny spells with building clouds and increasing risk for showery outbreaks - no significant change - Temperatures between -6C and -2C

Saturday 14th of April
mainly the same weather conditions as previous days: sunny spells with now and than some snow/snow shower. Towards the evening enlarging sunny spells - no significant change - Temperatures between -6C/-2C

Sunday 15th of April
low clouds but gradually some short lived sunny spells. Still risk for some showery outbreaks of snow . Temperatures between -8 and -4°C.

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