Marc Cornelissen LD to North Pole


13 April 2012 - Marc and his team are very close to the Pole now. They are still enjoying a positive drift which is an excellent advantage. Hopefully they reach the Pole during the weekend. Fingers crossed. Click on the image to see the full size. (Sat image from CWO)

North Pole Expedition - Marc C. -2012
Forecast - 13 April 2012 - day11

-position : N89.7/E122
-wind: 110-130/8-12kt, becoming 130-150/7-11kt
-weather:  very cloudy with medium and high level clouds/moderate surface contrast-a few weak sunny spells
-ice drift: moderate towards NNW/N (pos drift)

-expected position: N89.85/E118
-temperatures: -20/-24°C  becoming  -15°C
-wind: 100-120/8-12kt no significant change
-weather: risk for fog/low clouds-clear skies above, gradually becoming overcast with possibly some slight snow
-ice drift: moderate towards NW (pos drift)
-p:90/000-grid NORTH POLE!
-temperatures: -17/-20C
-wind: 100-120/10-15kt becoming 130-150/8-13kt
-weather: foggy/low clouds tempo slight snow
-ice drift: mod tow NW/WNW (pos drift)

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