Marc Cornelissen: LD North Pole


This satellite Image shows the last 5degrees around the North Pole - Arctic ocean. This image is taken in the IR wave length -  this means we are looking at a temperature image: dark is warm/bright is cold. Marc Cornelissen is dropped at 89N/140E. This part of the Arctic appears cloud free-you can see the bright area, due to the cold surface of the ice. The dark lines are open leads. The water is warmer than the ice surface so it appears darker on the image. (Image from Canadian Wather Office) Click on the image to see the full size.

The forecast below is in the same format as it is send to Marc. Because it is send as a txt message via iridium it is limited to 160 digits per message.
p = position
t = temperature
wd = wind
wx = weather
id = ice drift

North Pole Expedition Last Degree  2012
Forecast - 09 April 2012 - day7
-wd:S to SSW (180-200°) 6-10kt after 15/18ut SE (130-150)5-9kt
-wx:mainly sunny-no significant change
-id:mod to weak tow N to NNW (pos drift)

-wd:130-150/7-12kt bcoming 150-170/4-8kt
-wx:mainly sunny-good conditions-high clouds
-id:mod tow NNW/NW (pos drift)
-wd:120-140/6-10kt bcmg 090-110/8-12kt
-wx:mainly sunny-
-id:mod tow NW (pos drift)

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