Greenland 2012 - Skiing across GL supports the Norwegian team on their ski expedition across Greenland. With daily updated weather reports contributes to the safety of this team. We wish them the best of luck on this epic trip. (click on this banner to visit their website)

jim-300x230Jim Robert Torbjørnsen-Expedition leader:
Jim Robert Torbjørnsen is 29 years old from Tromsoe, Norway. He is currently a law student at the University of Tromsoe, and uses some of his spare time to take tourists on a dog sledge ride through the outlying fields of Tromsoe. Jim has among many other things worked as glacier guide at Finse, crossed Norway from Nordkapp to Lindesnes on bicycle, crossed Finnmarksvidda alone by foot and crossed Hardangervidda by ski.

eirik-223x300Eirik Embla Bonnerud is 29 years old from Skotterud, Norway. Currently working and living in Harstad with the Coastal Ranger Command in the Royal Norwegian Navy. Eirik has winter experience from military service at the border between Norway and Russia. He is the expeditions “fixer”, and will with his technical skills contribute to an successful expedition.

oddOdd Sveinung Hareide is 28 years old from Sunnmoere, Norway, but is now living in Bergen. He is working as a navigator in the Royal Norwegian Navy. Odd Sveinung is as other Norwegians born with skies, and is the expeditions self-appointed motivator and lead singer. He has no experience with similar expeditions or work, but has used the last half year to prepare for the expedition.

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