Greenland Quest: Kiting Narsaq-JPKochFjord-Qaanaaq

Pictures from Derek Crowe

A Testimonial

As our unofficial 4th team member, Marc De Keyser quickly became one of our most valuable assets on this expedition.

Kiting from Narsaq to JP Kochs Fjord, and then back down to Thule was a big undertaking to say the least. Our team of three, Derek Crowe (Canadian), Adrian Hayes (British) and my self , Devon McDiarmid (Canadian) wanted to do the journey using kites. Unlike what we are used to (man hauling sleds), weather became one of the most important elements of the trip. Knowing when, how strong, and even direction of the winds determined how the expedition would go.

The first part of the trip, the leg form the south tip to J P Kochs fjord for the most part was pretty smooth sailing. We were able, with help from Marc, to set up a pretty regular schedule for travelling. After reaching the north tip, everything changed. This is when Marcs expertise came into play. A huge high pressure system came and sat over the top of Greenland, bending the winds , into exactly the wrong direction. This leg of the journey quickly became our most challenging. With Marcs help, we were able to make , what at times seemed like the impossible leg, to do able. We arrived with in two days of our projected time.

Often the team would be making a plan, and we would recognize with out the help of Marc and we probably would not have been able to be successful. Marc was always referred to as our hidden fourth man. He was the guy who was looking out for us, and coached us through some very challenging times. I will not go on another expedition with out the services of weather4expeditions. com
Thanks Marc !!!!
From Devon and the team Derek Crowe and Adrian Hayes.

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