Kite Greenland 2010

kitereenland is happy to support the Kite Greenland 2010 expedition. Certain teams cross Greenland from East to West others from South to North, but Jon Chalmers and Carl Alvey are going to do both!!!

First of all they snowkite from East to West, from Isortoq to Ilulissat. This is about 600km and will take about 15 to 20 days. The first part of this trip is the most difficult part: going into the katabatic wind and uphill. The second part is a joy for the snowkiter: favourable katabatics and downhill.
Secondly they go to Fjoro near Narsaq in the South and travel up to Qaanaaq in the Northwest of Greenland. 2300 km along the western side of the ice cap divide, estimated 30-50 days. This is a long but very nice trip. If they are on the right altitude than it is likely they’ll have favourable katabatics all the way. will send them daily windforecasts in order to choose the best route to have the best wind conditions.

You can follow this expedition on this page of

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