“The Nortbound Quest”. A ski expedition to the North Pole.


www.weather4expeditions.com will support this ski expedition to the North Pole. Save travels start with a good weather forecast! We will send them a daily weather update using iridum phone and email. Via a daily updat on this page, you can experience how cold our Arctic adventurers will get. Don’t miss it!

On April 2 2010, a group of 11 people, guided by Dixie Dansercoer and Troy Henkels, will conduct an expedition to the North Pole. All of these expeditioners are active professionals with busy agendas and a passion for the outdoor and nature. They have collectively decided to make time for a long process of physical and mental preparation in order to head out for the North Pole, the point where the Earth’s rotation meets the Earth’s surface.


•Boudewijn Arts
•Douglas Beall
•Gijs Geskes
•Sabine Bulteel
•Joost Callens
•Patrick Mertens
•Ruud Siebelink
•Wim Smets
•Perry Taaca
•Raf Van Brempt
•Jo Van Gorp

The expedition team skies towards the Pole over ice pans, pressure ridges and ice rubble fields, while circumnavigating thin ice and open water ‘leads’.  After an estimated 10 to 15 days, the team should reach the geographic North Pole! 

Expedition Planning

Sunday, March 28th
    The majority of the team flies via Oslo to Longyearbyen to arrive there on March 29. Team stays at Mary-Ann’s Polarrigg
Thursday, April 1st
    17:30 required group information briefing in the Warehouse in Longyearbyen
    18:30 luggage check-in
Friday, April 2nd
    04:00 early morning flight check-in
    06:30 arrival at Barneo Ice Camp on the Arctic Ice
    Unload flight and attend mandatory meeting in mess tent
    Departure same day for Northbound Quest, weather permitting
Saturday, April 10th
    Tentative scheduled flight back to Longyearbyen from Barneo (earliest flight avalable)
    This date can be delayed, depending of progress team
Sunday, April 18th
    Flight back team to Belgium, the Netherlands or US. This is the latest date of return. This date can be rescheduled to earlier.

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