Dixie Dansercoer about working with www.weather4expeditions.com


Dixie Dansercoer, explorer with respect for nature and environment, about working with weather4expeditions.com:

“ Expeditions that require multi-year preparation with a great deal of focus on nature and weather systems also require solid preparation on weather forecasting.  As I have had the pleasure to work extensively during my polar expeditions with Marc and Fritz at www.weather4expeditions.com , I now know that not only have their forecast been extremely accurate, but more than that they have been a determining factor in all-important decision making.  I can assure you that when we go out on an expedition , the most discussed topic is the weather since it determines everything when you our OUT THERE, away from the protection of modern society.  So, in preparing an expedition with an endless array of things-to-do, I can only suggest that you make sure to place weather forecasting high on the list and let the boys who really know guide you!”

Dixie Dansercoer



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