Bjorn Sekkeseter from ‘Greenland - X’ expedition


Bjorn Sekkeseter from ‘Greenland - X’ expedition:

The group really enjoyed the trip and it was a big success both when it comes to fulfilling our expectations and the planning/preparations, the trip it self and the aftermath.

We were well prepared both fysically and equipment wise so we handeled the conditions very good. It was tough in between, but nothing that we  hadn’t planned for. We are already planning next years trip and hope you want to be part of the team then as well. We consider you as part of our “home base” since your services meant so much to us. The forecasts were as accurate as we could expect and helped us to plan the days well. We had three “weather days”, where we stayed put because of harsh conditions. This was possible to plan only because of the forecasts.

We experienced that the conditions sometimes was a bit milder than expected, but this is good. You prepare for the worst and get a mild version. We will come back to you next year and hope you can help us with weather the same way then.

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